A pianist praised for her excellent ensemble sense, Ms Wendy Leung graduated from Hong Kong Baptist University with B.A. (Hons) degree in Music and obtained Professional Diploma from Hong Kong Academy of Performing Arts majoring in piano performance and accompanying under the guidance of Ms. Eva Lue, Prof. Li Ming Qiang and Dr. Mary Mei-loc Wu.

Wendy enjoys a versatile career as a collaborative pianist working with repertoires ranging from Chinese and Western instruments to classical singing as well as musical theatre. With the support of Ms. Barbara Fei SBS BBS, Wendy has been accompanying for the Allegro Singers over 20 years. Since then, she has taken part in the performances and competitions in Beijing, Shanghai, Shang Tung, Guangzhou, Zhuhai, Taiwan Kaohsiung, Macau, Busan, Vienna, Salzburg and Toronto. In 2014, Wendy was one of the selected six recipients out of 188 groups of competitors to receive the Excellent Piano Accompanist Award in the 12th China International Chorus Festival.Apart from accompanying, Wendy has been working as an external examiner for the Institute of Hong Kong Education since 2006. She is currently the Vice Chairlady of the Arts and Culture Development Fund and a selected Hong Kong Arts Development Council music examiner.

梁珮珊  Wendy Leung


梁氏熱愛室樂演奏及伴奏,並積極參與各類型之演出,包括中、西樂器及歌唱節目,同時亦活躍於音樂劇 前期之排練伴奏工作,當中包括«城寨風情»、«歷奇»、«請你愛我一小時»、«酸酸甜甜香港地»及«Fiddler on the roof»。

在學期間,梁氏獲費明儀女士邀請,出任明儀合唱團伴奏至今超過二十年;期間隨團出訪 北京、上海、山東、廣州、珠海、台灣高雄、澳門、韓國釜山、維也納、薩爾茨堡及多倫多等等。在2014年八月,隨團到北京參加第十二屆中國國際合唱節,在188隊參賽隊伍中,取得優秀鋼琴伴奏獎。除伴奏演出外,梁氏應香港教育學院邀請,自2006年起擔任其考試評委,積極推廣文化藝術, 現為文化藝術發展基金會副主席及香港藝術發展局音樂界別審批員。

駐團音樂顧問 Residence Music Advisor